Tuesday, December 15, 2020 | 2:00 pm to 6:00 pm
(Only for pre-paid registered participants)
Emerging Technology Consultant
Managing Director and Founder, Distlytics Ltd. (London)
Gary has been an international keynote speaker, panellist, moderator and chairperson at numerous conferences, summits and events since 2015 and regularly features in the Blockchain Top 100 people list. He heads Distlytics, a consultancy he formed in 2016 and provides blockchain, Data Analytics, and Artificial Intelligence, crypto-currency and ICO education through The Guardian, PwC Academy, AMG World and TechNova. He is a Chartered IT Professional (CITP).

Gary is a technical consultant of an international law firm Clyde & Co. He’s an advisor to Blocksure, a UK-based InsurTech startup implementing blockchain in the insurance industry.
This course is a business oriented mini-masterclass that has been designed for managers and executives who need to better understand blockchain and its potential use in an organisation or industry. It explains clearly concepts and applications in a business context without being overly technical. It focusses primarily on Banking and provides practical examples of how the technology is being adopted by banks and financial services companies. The course is run as a single ½ day session and incorporates breakouts and workshop/q&a to avoid screen fatigue and to ensure optimal learning. It is delivered via a Virtual Learning Environment utilising either a client’s platform (e.g. MS-Team or Webex) or Zoom. Public courses can be delivered via Zoom / Google Meet to provide an interactive, captivating and educational programme.

This virtual learning course follows a three element structure of Educate – Inform – Advise

The training is intended for business, not technical people and is suitable for team leaders, managers, C-suite and board members.

  • Attendees will be aware of primary uses of blockchain in banking
  • Will be familiar with the main protocols being used in banking
  • Will be able to identify prospective use cases within their own organization
  • Will know how to assess a project for blockchain suitability in an organization
  • Will understand risks and issues of cryptoassets within a banking context
  • Will be introduced to regulatory issues regarding blockchain and cryptoassets

This module provides the attendee with a solid understanding of Blockchains / Distributed Ledger Technology and how they work in Banking. There have been significant developments in the preferred protocols being used in banking and this session will explore the differences It is intended to ensure that all attendees have a common understanding of the technology protocols and how they work.

Session topics

  • Introductions & course objectives
  • Terminology refresh – Blockchain & Distributed Ledger Technology
  • What are Smart Contracts?
  • Blockchain Protocols in Banking
  • Cryptocurrencies, cryptoassets and cryptotokens

This module examines the theoretical and practical applications of blockchain by informing attendees about the use cases for blockchain in Banking. It is further illustrated by examining a number of banking projects which have already deployed the technology

Session topics

  • The Blockchain 5 ‘Mega Cases’
  • Use Cases in Banking
  • Case Studies of live banking projects
  • Banking threats from new entrants
  • Cryptocurrency opportunities for banks
This module brings together the theory and practical examples shown in the previous modules and shows what considerations need to be given when developing a project. It explores the way in which prospective projects can be assessed and what risks & issues need to be considered

Session topics
  • Blockchain Adoption Framework
  • Suitability Assessment
  • Building a business case
  • Regulatory & Legal issues
  • Future Developments


(Only for pre-paid registered participants)
Managing Director, FinTech Legal Center (Estonia)
Compliance Advisor, Blockchain ConsultUs Ltd.
Simone is a compliance advisor for many FinTech companies based in Europe. He is the co-founder and senior managing partner of Blockchain ConsultUs Ltd., a consultancy company based in London with offices in the United Kingdom, Germany, Switzerland, Italy and the Netherlands. He is the founder and director of TechIuris OÜ (FinTech Legal Center), a boutique law firm based in Estonia that specialises in legal and compliance support for FinTech businesses. Simone is a member of the International Compliance Association, International Association of Risk and Compliance Professionals, Association of Certified Fraud Examiners and Global Digital Finance.
This workshop would be for directors, head of compliance, compliance consultants and professionals involved in the FinTech and Blockchain spheres. After a quick overview of Blockchain, cryptocurrencies and FinTech market in general, the session would tackle the right approach to regulatory compliance within the specific market. The workshop will provide the delegates with the answers to some critical questions: what is compliance within FinTech? Which compliance models can be applied? What are the benefits of the compliance strategy? How to assess the risk in FinTech and Blockchain markets?

The workshop will offer, then, a "compliance toolbox". Some compliance and AML/CTF routine activities will be presented to the attendees and commented with them: regulatory training, reporting of suspicious activities, whistleblowing, record-keeping, complaints handling, KYC approvals and reviews, CDD/ECDD, financial sanctions management. To transform the theoretical knowledge in practical application, some compliance-related conundrums would be discussed and resolved. The titles of some of them are "Uncooperative customers", "Difficult screenings", "Suspect driving license", "Disclose or not disclose?", "Gifts and parties".

At the end of the event, the attendees would enhance their skills in and around regulatory compliance in the FinTech market. The upto- 4-hour workshop (Q&A sessions and breaks included) would be delivered via Zoom, and a copy of the training material would be provided to the delegates.


Syed Abdul Qadir

Director – Technology Consulting and Cyber Risk Assurance A. F. Ferguson & Co. (a member firm of the PwC network)

Abdul Qadir is an experienced technology and Cyber Security consultant, trainer and keynote speaker and has led several local and international assignments over 18 years of experience spanning end-to-end Digital Transformation, IT Operations and Project Management, Cyber security and Enterprise IT Risk assessments, GDPR, overarching IT reviews, IT Due diligence, Data Governance, Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Planning, ERP Solutions Selection and Implementation Supervision, Data Governance and Analytics, IT Governance and IT Strategy development and emerging technologies such as big data analytics, robotics process automation etc. for several clients in the Financial Services, Energy, Manufacturing and Telecommunication arena. He has a proven track record in being able to present and influence at the board and C-suite level. He also have an exposure to work with colleagues in PwC Middle Eastern offices.



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