by Robin Speculand

Workshop ONE:
World's Best Bank: Executing the Digital Journey
DBS’s Revolutionary Transformation

Robin Speculand, author of Excellence in Execution, was given inside access to one of the world’s great transformation stories: DBS Bank. DBS has been awarded the World’s Best Bank for the past three years. Under the stewardship of CEO Piyush Gupta, the bank transformed digitally by focusing on three principles: Become Digital to the Core, Embed Ourselves in the Customer Journey and Culture by Design. Based on Robin Speculand’s new book World’s Best Bank: A Strategic Guide to Digital Transformation, this session promises to help you avoid the most common pitfalls of digital transformation. Robin is a pioneer and expert in strategy and digital implementation. He is CEO of Bridges Business Consultancy Int and co-founder of the Strategy Implementation Institute and the Ticking Clock Guys.
Course Overview:
The focus of the workshop is explaining how to digitally transform every part of the organization and conveying why digitalization was critical to the bank’s success. DBS Bank adopted “Making Banking Joyful” as its digital strategy in 2014. It became a passion that digitally transformed the bank and revolutionized their industry. Under the stewardship of Piyush Gupta, Group CEO, DBS became the first bank in the world to win the top three most prestigious banking awards within a 12- month period—the equivalent of a movie winning the top three Oscars! This absorbing, informative and enlightening workshop explains in-depth how DBS achieved this remarkable transformation. Facilitator Robin Speculand has literally “written the book” on DBS — World's Best Bank: A Strategic Guide to Digital Transformation. The workshop conveys how DBS succeeded where so many other companies struggle. It shares keen insights, best practices, provocative questions and relevant anecdotes that you can apply to your own digital transformation.
The course addresses how DBS implemented the Digital Wave with three strategic principles:

1. Become digital to the core,
2. Embed ourselves in the customer journey, and
3. Create a 29,000-people start-up.

It includes the Harvard-listed case study written by Speculand. This workshop is for leaders looking to understand how and why DBS Bank is so successful. Its content provides a strategic guide for an organization’s own digital transformation.
Digital Best Practices Benchmark:
This case study highlights the bank’s amazing transformation journey to become the world’s best. It details the three strategic principles of technology, customer and culture, and it shares best practices from the bank’s success.
Harvard-Listed DBS Case Study:
This Best Practices Benchmark allows participants to assess their organization against the key building blocks of digital transformation. It also helps them accelerate their business’s transformation and see what it takes to successfully digitally transform.

World's Best Bank: Executing the Digital Journey
Course Outline of Half-Day Interactive Workshop with Four Modules

In this workshop, Robin will teach banking executives the revolutionary transformation.
Module ONE: Battle Cry from the Beach
In 2014, a perfect storm struck at DBS Bank. It had just implemented the Asia Wave strategy 12 months ahead of schedule; Alibaba started spreading its tentacles across Asia; Fintech was gaining momentum—all while the bank’s leaders were envisioning the future. As a result, the bank seized the opportunity to transform banking from being a pain to making it joyful. In this short opening module, you’ll understand how the Asia Wave laid the foundation for this digital transformation and why and how DBS chose to create a digital-driven bank.
Module TWO: The Digital Wave
Every part of the bank digitally transformed simultaneously while remaining true to the purpose of Making Banking Joyful. Initially, the bank’s balanced scorecard set the direction and early successes. Examples were DigiBank in India and the launch of the digital wallet “Paylah” in Singapore. Confidence and momentum were building. This module details the specific areas of the bank’s digital transformation, including how to:
Module THREE: Harvard-Listed DBS Case Study (written by course facilitator)
Why did the bank choose to Make Banking Joyful? Its purpose was to transform its operations so banking would be invisible to customers and thus make it seamless and enjoyable. This case study details how the whole organization became aligned, built momentum and adopted digital. In the process, the bank transformed its customer’s offer, redesigned its technology architecture and trained its employees to embrace a new culture. Content in this case study centers around the bank’s three strategic initiatives—digital to the core, customer journeys and a 30,000-people start-up—which are reinforced with video inserts from Piyush, DBS, CEO. The debrief focuses on the different moving components of how the bank became digital-driven, and how participants can apply the best practices to their organization.
Module FOUR: Benchmark and Application
The Best Practices Benchmark assessment allows participants to assess their organization against the key building blocks of digital transformation. It also assists them to accelerate their transformation and see what it takes to successfully implement digitally transform. Two organizations can have the same strategy but how the implement it is always different. Participants identify after reflecting on the learning from the course, an action they can take in the next 90 days.
Rita McGrath
- No .5 in Thinkers 50 in 2019
- Associate Professor, Columbia Business School
- Bestselling Author of Seeing Around Corners

“Many leaders around the world are working through the challenge of how to digitally transform their organization. In Robin’s new book he shares how DBS completely transformed every part of the organization and shows how all the different moving parts required for digitalization come together. I recommend reading this book for any leader involved in digital transformation to not only avoid common mistakes but also adopt best practices.”

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